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The New Eden website and forums are now in an archived state. Our community is now only on Discord.

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Registration Changes

Hi everyone

In a sneak preview - found here - I can now confirm that there will be some big changes coming to the website, this will include a whole new look and moving the forum from PHPBB to a new system crafted using Open Source software from the ground up to provide us with a unique all-in-one experience.

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Staff Teams

Hi everyone

This post will explain a new staff structure that we have agreed up on at our last Admin meeting. We want to publicize this to the whole community who everyone is aware of the changes and how it affects who is responsible for what in New Eden.

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Recent changes, fixes and other things

Hi everyone, thought I would give you all an overview of recent changes and fixes that have happened that you may or may not all be aware of:

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The MMO Update

Today we are excited to announce that we are introducing a range of new skills into the game, powered by the mcMMO Bukkit and Spigot plugin.

When you play the game you will automatically start levelling up your skills. Each time you perform an activity which relates to a skill you will gain xp for that skill, once enough xp is gained you will progress to the next level of that skill. Note that skill levels and xp are separate from Minecraft's vanilla system, so you can still enjoy the vanilla enchanting system.

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Spam - go die in a hole, forever!

So, as the title might suggest, spam on the forums is now virtually gone forever.

The reason that spam was such a problem was because it was pretty easy for automated spam bots to register accounts and start posting random nonsense, with the only hope of either giving users malware/trogons/viruses/pron, or helping sites that pay for their links to be spammed using outdated SEO tactics that really don't work very well these days.

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Server upgrade

Hi everyone

We have now migrated to the new server, for those have you who care about tech specs, here's some:

Going from Intel i3 to Intel Xeon E3
Going from 16GB of RAM to 32GB of RAM
Going from 2x1TB Hard Disks to 3x120GB SSDs

So yeah, you might notice a performance increase, enjoy!

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Due to a corrupt database file...

A lot of data relating to some plugins was lost today, two main ones that relate to the community:

LWC: We were able to restore data up until around 10-20 days ago, so I suggest going and checking your protections to make sure everything is still protected, use /cinfo then click on the container. If you changed your username in this time during this time you may not be able to access your protections (chest, furnaces, etc), if this is the case ask a staff member to update the protection for you.

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Hunger Games!

Hunger Games is now live! To play type "/warp hg" or "/warp hungergames" to enter the lobby.

The game is fully automated, powered by a plugin that I have been working on for about the last month and a half. So f there are any issues or bugs then please report them, or if you have any suggestions then please let me know. Currently there is just one map, although we will be expanding and adding more maps to choose from.

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Minecraft Username Change, yay!

Update 7 Feb: Most protections have now been converted from usernames to UUIDs, however if you have changed your username between 4 and 7th February, you may not be able to access some protections, if this is the case please post below with your old and new names, or catch myself or tj in-game/IRC.

It's here!

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Official towns and mayor rank

We have implemented a new Mayor rank and official towns, this includes a forum for official towns to discuss their business along with other perks, you can read more about this in this post detailing what perks official towns get, the rules of official towns, how to apply for your town to become an official town, and other useful information.



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