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The New Eden website and forums are now in an archived state. Our community is now only on Discord.

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Welcome to our new website!

Hi everyone

The new website is now live, there are probably going to be bugs and things that need fixing, but enjoy! Feel free to reply to this or post in the suggestions forum with any suggestions you have for improvements, or use the support forum to report bugs.

The current style is a temporary one, we will spend some time working on a more permanent style for the site, so look out for that.

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New Website

After a long wait, and some teasing, we are nearly ready to launch our new website!

The new website will provide a single place for the home page, forums, a new wiki that everyone can contribute to, user profiles that you can customise, and more! The site is also unique, both in the styling but also in the software, the site is built on top of the open source framework and CMS, Drupal. It utilises over 100 add-ons and pieces of custom code to create a unique experience that is tailored to exactly what we want from our website.

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Automatic frontier resets

Good news everyone, frontier resets are now automated!

For the past couple of weeks I have been working on a shiny new plugin for New Eden called FrontierManager, this plugin has the following features:

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New admins!

Hi everyone

I would like to officially welcome our new admins, Cj and Darkn00b!

As it currently stands Cj will be mainly focused on front end, events, advertising and other related activities, and Dark will mainly be focused on back end.

With our new additions to the Managememt Team we will be pushing forward with new features, so get excited for what is to come.

Have a great day,

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A new ranks, classes, and skills system

HI everyone

For a long time, in fact since Exodus, our ranks system has followed the same linear progression, with little change along the way. Well if we want to grow it’s time to completely reinvent it and try something a bit different, so here’s the plan, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Note most of this excludes staff and special ranks, which will for the most part remain as they are, and only relates to player ranks.

There are some questions at the end of this post that I’d like everyone to answer, so please read through and respond with your thoughts.

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Staff Changes

Hi everyone

As you might have noticed there have been some changes recently in the staff. Notably both MLB and Fisk have taken the decision to step down, as they both feel they will no longer be active enough to fulfil their responsibilities. This was a decision they both took after discussing it with myself, and I want to publicly say a huge thank you to both of them for all their hard work and dedication to the server and community, as if it weren't for them we wouldn't have New Eden.

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Stepping down

Hey all,

As has most likely been evident for a while now, I have not been very active. After some discussion it has been agreed that I will be stepping down as Admin. I will not be disappearing forever, and it is probable I'll reappear at a later date in some form. For now however, I bid you all farewell. It has been my great privilege to have been an Admin of this community. o/

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Registration Changes

Hi everyone

In a sneak preview - found here - I can now confirm that there will be some big changes coming to the website, this will include a whole new look and moving the forum from PHPBB to a new system crafted using Open Source software from the ground up to provide us with a unique all-in-one experience.

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Staff Teams

Hi everyone

This post will explain a new staff structure that we have agreed up on at our last Admin meeting. We want to publicize this to the whole community who everyone is aware of the changes and how it affects who is responsible for what in New Eden.

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Recent changes, fixes and other things

Hi everyone, thought I would give you all an overview of recent changes and fixes that have happened that you may or may not all be aware of:


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