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The New Eden website and forums are now in an archived state. Our community is now only on Discord.

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General PSA, 1.9.2

We're now running Minecraft 1.9.2, so less weird game glitches, yay!


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Updates: fancy messages and new maps!

Over the past, month, ish... I've been doing quite a bit of work on adding new features to the Arcade side of our little server (aka Survival Games), so here's some of the key highlights from this recent development: You'll have to click "read more" to find out what all these shiny new changes are :D
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New End and Frontier

I have regenerated both the End and Frontier worlds to allow for new 1.9 stuff to be found, have fun!


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Minecraft 1.9!

Well, that was quick! We are now running on Minecraft 1.9, and that was probably the quickest major update in the history of this community.

Most of everything should work fine, there may be bugs, please don't use this thread to report them, best place is to use the Support forum.

Enjoy the update :)

- Aaron

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Vent server closure


As of 2 February 2016 the Vent server will be shut down, this is due to no one using it.

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Updates, updates, updates

So, I've done a few updates to things over the past few months that I've not really publicised, so here's a probably not so complete list:

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The up and coming Minecraft 1.9 release

Yes, we will be updating to Minecraft 1.9 after it' is released and as soon as it is safe for us to do so.

Please stand by for future updates

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We've gone secure!

As of, well right now, New Eden now has a valid SSL Certificate, so instead of all of your connections to the site being unencrypted they are now encrypted using the magic of HTTPS, yay for us.

Thanks to @tjbenator for setting it up on the backend


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Server Compromised

Hello all

The New Eden Minecraft server is currently offline due to the server becoming compromised, the server was used as part of a Bot Net attack and as a protective measure the server will be backed-up and the Linux system re-installed. The compromise was caused due to a SSH Password Based Bruit Force Attack, and we will be taking steps to ensure that this is not possible in the future.

As long as there are no delays I expect the server to be back up later today or tomorrow.

Thank you

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Happy 5th Birthday to the community!

On the 25th October 2010 the very first record of Exdous Server was made with this Minecraft Forums post.

While we have come a long way, and the face of the community has definitely changed, we have managed to survived three generations (one of which even I was not here for), it proves the resilience and dedication of the people in this community.


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