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The New Eden website and forums are now in an archived state. Our community is now only on Discord.

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Minecraft 1.11 (migration)

Update 22 November: We are now fully on MC 1.11, Frontier worlds have been reset, they will reset again at their scheduled time of 1 December at 3am EST, enjoy!

It's time, for another game update!

Minecraft 1.11 will bring things such as Haunted Mansions, Lamas, a new Villager, and some other stuff, watch this video to find out more:

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Boo, it's an update post!

Hello everyone, hope you all had a great Halloween!

Here's a roundup of what's been happening recently on New Eden.

Halloween Festivities

We've been celebrating the festivities on the server with a mysterious Halloween maze that's appeared under spawn a few days ago.  Initially the maze was confusing and at first didn't appear to have an exit, but as more people tried to solve it the maze began revealing clues and yesterday it revealed the exit!

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July Update! Perks and Voting!

It's here, the July update! Little bit earlier than last months update, but that's because I'm off to 'merica for almost a month, so don't be surprised if next months update is a little "lacking" in existence, but anyway onto the update!

Just because it's early doesn't mean it's feature lacking, in fact it's one of the most notable updates we've done for a while. For the past couple of months I've been planning and completely re-writing the code behind the Perks and Voting systems, so what better way to demonstrate than with some screenshots!

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June Update - Badges and Guides!

I'm going to try and bundle changes into monthly updates (excluding Minecraft version updates).

This month we have a couple updates to the website:


Badges have been added, these show up on a users profile and in their user box across the site, currently the only badge is the old Serenity "S" logo for those who were with us on Serenity, more may be added in future updates so stay tuned.

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Minecraft 1.10 Update!

Minecraft 1.10 is out, wow that was fast! Amazingly, once again, we're already updated!

This update isn't very large in features, mainly the addition of Polar Bears along with some new blocks and small tweaks in game mechanics. As with every update there may be bugs and stuff that doesn't quite work correctly, if so just reply here, use the Support forum or create a petition in-game.


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Minecraft 1.9.4

Hi everyone

We are now running Minecraft 1.9.4, as well as that some updates have been done to some plugins there may be the occasional thing that doesn't work correctly, you never know with these things. As always any issues just create a petition in-game or reply here.


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Scheduled down time - 26 April 2016 9am BST

Priority: High

Start: 26 April 2016 at 09:00 BST / 04:00 EDT

Expected duration: 4 hours

Description: It has been identified that we need to perform some back-end server maintenance on lur database server that stores data for the Minecraft Server to prevent storage space from becoming full.

I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


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New Text Editor for the Website

Good news everyone!

We now have a shiny new text editor that's in use across the website, this means now you no longer have to mess around with BBCode when you want to do anything more than write something.

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New Eden Maps Now Live!

It's finally here! The long awaited New Eden Maps powered by Dynmap has arrived, due to some technical limitations the only maps that will be available currently are Survival and Frontier, both Surface renders.

You can access the maps by clicking the Maps link above or head to http://maps.neweden.co/


P.S. Yes, I am aware the Frontier map looks like an octopus

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New stuff in the store

Hey everyone

I'm pleased to announce we now have a new category available in our online store, the new category contains some of the perks you get with the Pay-What-You-Want Subscription, but instead of paying monthly for them you can buy them for a one time payment.

The new packages available are:


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