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The New Eden website and forums are now in an archived state. Our community is now only on Discord.

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Now running Minecraft 1.12.1 and Creative Update

Hi all

Just a quick update to say we are now running on Minecraft 1.12.1, so make sure you've updated your client to the latest release.

In other news the Creative Realm is almost ready, we're just working on a couple of small technical changes which need to happen before we release it to everyone.  We'll try and get these done as fast as possible and we're still looking at a release sometime this week but don't be surprised if it's the start of next week.

I'll post again once the Creative Realm has been released!

Thanks for your patience

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July Update! New Creative, new Perks, new Decorative Items, and more!

Another month has come to an end which means it's time for the End of Month Roundup post!  July saw us hard at work on quite a few new features and changes, so get excited and take a look!

Get ready for a whole new world - a creative one that is!

We are very excited to announce the launch of a new Creative World, or as we're now calling it a new Creative Realm!  The new Creative Realm brings some improvements on the previous world including:

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June Update - Server Resource Pack, New TAB List, Server Upgrade, and more

It's time for another monthly roundup post, here's what's happened over the past month!

Our first Server Resource Pack

As of today we are now running our own Server Resource Pack which was kindly put together by @sayukimaNS!

The pack doesn't make many changes but does include:

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We are now running Minecraft 1.12

Just a quick post to say that as of moments before writing this we are now fully running on Minecraft 1.12!T

here are a few things which don't quite work properly right now mainly mcMMO, however most if not everything else should work fine, but as ever inform a member of staff of any bugs you might find.

Enjoy 1.12!

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May Updates (Yay stuff happened!)

It's that time again and I'm starting these updates again, where I give you guys a rundown of what's happened over the past month!  Obviously the new map was released and everyone is enjoying it, but here is some other stuff that's change that you may not be aware of.

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Changes in the Management - Cj Stepped Down and We Have Two New Admins!

As you all probably know a few weeks ago Cj stepped down from the role of Admin.  She stepped down because she didn't want to be apart of the Management anymore.  She was an Admin for almost 2 years, which is a long time around here, and in that time she played a big role in helping to shape the direction and community of New Eden.  Even before becoming an Admin Cj played an important role as a Moderator, both here and back on Serenity, helping to run events and develop the community.

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The New Map Is Out! And It Comes With A Completely New Land Claiming and Protections System!

That's right the new map is out, jump on and start playing!

Note that if you've played on the previous map you will need to type /spawn to go to the new map.

But that's not only the new thing we have also completely re-developed the Protection system which now includes proper Land Claims.

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A new map and a fresh start!

Hello all

After months of planning, designing and creating I'm very excited to be able to officially announce that we will be launching a new survival map in the next couple of weeks that will replace our current map!

But first let's get a couple of common questions out of the way:

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PSA: We've been blacklisted

Not a huge issue, but the web server we use was blacklisted on some mail blacklists due to a mail account on the server being compromised.

Once we are in-blacklisted I'll comment here, but until then some people may have trouble getting registration emails and any other emails from the website.  If you or anyone else experiences issues receiving these emails please do the following:

For registration:

First the individual should check their spam folder, if the email is not in there, contact me and I can send them a registration link.

For password resets:

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November Roundup

Well Halloween has been and gone, and so has November, so it's time for another roundup of changes!  Apart from updating to Minecraft 1.11, which went almost according to plan, we have been doing a bunch of other things as well!


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