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Updates, updates, updates

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So, I've done a few updates to things over the past few months that I've not really publicised, so here's a probably not so complete list:

  • May 2015: Only Explorers and Staff can mess with the honeypot at spawn, anyone in-between these ranks can't open it, soz'
  • September 2015: A fuck-ton of general server and plugin updates, little bug fixes, etc
  • September 2015: Developed and implemented Frontier Manager, a plugin which automatically resets the Frontier worlds every month
  • September 2015: Bunch o' updates to Games Manager, top player lists when games finish, spectate mode which allows players to spectate a game with fly and vanished
  • Damn I was busy in September!
  • January 2016 (right now): New plugin to improve communication between the game and website for our custom plugins, won't really notice anything different from the game-play side of things, really just sets the ground work for future development

What you can expect in 2016:

So that's a round up f what's happened and what to expect.

Stay tuned