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Updates: fancy messages and new maps!

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Over the past, month, ish... I've been doing quite a bit of work on adding new features to the Arcade side of our little server (aka Survival Games), so here's some of the key highlights from this recent development:

Vote for the map you like!

When a game starts you can now vote for the map that you want to play on, if enough people agree with you, then the game will run on that map, like magic!

As seen above, there's a new map in town

It's new and fun, it's also a little self conscious about it's size, so be nice to it! You can play this map by voting for "Survival Games 4", but if you want to still play on the map we've had for ages you can vote for "Survival Games 6"

Fancy new countdown stuff!

For those who die a lot, like me :D


At the end of each game Fireworks will shoot up into the skies like it's New Year in March! Sometimes they'll follow the winner of the game, other times they'll just shot up from the Deathmatch spawn location. Well, not including the hundreds of lines of code that have been added or changed, that's about it, enjoy!