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Recent changes, fixes and other things

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Hi everyone, thought I would give you all an overview of recent changes and fixes that have happened that you may or may not all be aware of:

  • 28 Feb: Seniors and above now have access to log lookup tools. -Fisk[/*]
  • 28 Feb: New YouTube BBCode on forums. -tj[/*]
  • 6 Mar: Forum registration is now done in-game using /register command. -Aaron[/*]
  • 17 Mar: There are no longer size restrictions on forum avatars, it is now also possible to link to an image from another website to use as your avatar, and there is now integration with Gravatar. -Aaron[/*]
  • 23 Mar: Frontier regened. -Fisk[/*]
  • 27 Mar: MMO features added, see this post for more info. -Aaron[/*]
  • 29 Mar: Everyone can now reply to new and events posts. -Aaron[/*]
  • 9 Apr: Cake can now be placed and eaten in Hunger Games. -Aaron[/*]
  • 15 Apr: Bug where players get kicked from a game but are still technically part of the game "should be" fixed, removed debug messages on teleport. -Aaron[/*]
  • 18 Apr: IRC chat not being broadcast to game bug fixed. -Aaron[/*]