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Hello everyone!

I'd like to begin the month of November with a cool buildoff rather than a seasonal one because let's be honest.. those are boring. A big thanks to 'Mobkiller0904' for suggesting it on the board at buildoff spawn! Go ahead and suggest one, your idea can be next!

And now a message from AaronMcH:
"Those who create an amazing MYTHICAL CREATURE, there is a slight chance that YOUR build can be used on the a future server project. For example, the New Eden spawn."

If you decide to go all out, let me know and i'll give you a bigger plot.

ANYWAY, here ya go..

Theme: Mythical Creatures (Google it, lots of cool ones)
Deadline: November 20th

FAQ ..

  • How do I get there? - While ingame type /menu and enter the new Creative World, then type  /warp buildoff
  • Is there any prizes? - YES, There are prize chests at the Buildoff Spawn.
  • What if I have a theme idea?- Awesome! There is a suggestion board at the Buildoff Spawn.
  • Who will be voting? Can I vote?- cj and members who have not particpated. You will be ASKED to vote by cj.