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The New Eden website and forums are now in an archived state. Our community is now only on Discord.

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New Website

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After a long wait, and some teasing, we are nearly ready to launch our new website!

The new website will provide a single place for the home page, forums, a new wiki that everyone can contribute to, user profiles that you can customise, and more! The site is also unique, both in the styling but also in the software, the site is built on top of the open source framework and CMS, Drupal. It utilises over 100 add-ons and pieces of custom code to create a unique experience that is tailored to exactly what we want from our website.

The new site is something that I have been working on in the background for some time and I am very excited to get it out there to everyone. All content from the forums, along with users, avatars and messages, will be migrated over automatically. The registration process will remain the same (just more integrated than it currently is), and while it will be possible to login with both your username and email address I must stress that everyone ensure their email address is up-to-date as eventually it won't be possible to login with your username.

I hope everyone enjoys the new site, we should be ready to implement it over the next week or two, so be ready for that surprise, as this is the only warning that I'm going to give you all :P, and if you have any suggestions or feature requests feel free to suggest them as I'll be making incremental changes and improvements over time.

Below is a more detailed overview of the new features and workflow:


The site will be styled in darker colours, over time the style will change and evolve, as right now it is still a work in progress so there will definitely be improvements and refinements.


Dashboard is a new feature that displays an overview of everything that is happening in New Eden, after login you will be automatically taken to your dashboard. The dashboard will provide you with new and unread News and Events posts, active and new forum topics, any unread notifications (see below), and who is online right now. Over time the Dashboard will evolve and display more sources of information (maybe a Twitter feed).

News and Events

The current News and Events forums will migrate to their own section of the website called News and Events, as stated above any new posts will appear on your dashboard, so don't be alarmed if you don't see this on the forum lists.


The Wiki will work as you would expect, anyone will be able to create and change Wiki pages, and any changes will be logged in revisions which can be rolled back by any staff member. Any abuse of the Wiki will likely result in you loosing edit access, so be sensible, but be creative, the Wiki is a place for the community to express itself.


As with our current forum we have profiles, but these new profiles will allow you to really express yourself, through the use of an About Me section, which you are free to customise to your liking (within reason :P). Profile pictures now have more options, you will not only be able to upload your own picture, but if you use Gravatar your Gravatar will automatically appear as your profile picture, and for those who don't have a profile picture a cool 8-bit style avatar will be shown.

User Boxes

As with our current forum user boxes will be shown on posts and profiles, in addition to showing your profile picture, name, rank, and other data, it will also show a nice icon to indicate if you or other users are currently online. For staff the user box will also show which team they are part of and link to the staff page, which is also organised by team.

Private Messages

Private Messages are getting a major upgrade compared to what we are used to, mainly they will be setup as conversations, instead of just messages back and forward, additionally support for group conversations will be supported.


When you post a topic or comment on something, you will automatically subscribe to receive notifications. Don't worry this doesn't mean you'll get spammed with emails, it just means updates about these topics will appear on the notification pages and notification section of the dashboard. Of course you can also click subscribe links on topics to subscribe to receive notifications, and similarly to unsubscribe.

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Yaaaaaaay! Shiny new websites are always good~

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Sweet :o