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A new ranks, classes, and skills system

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HI everyone

For a long time, in fact since Exodus, our ranks system has followed the same linear progression, with little change along the way. Well if we want to grow it’s time to completely reinvent it and try something a bit different, so here’s the plan, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Note most of this excludes staff and special ranks, which will for the most part remain as they are, and only relates to player ranks.

There are some questions at the end of this post that I’d like everyone to answer, so please read through and respond with your thoughts.

Splitting it up!

Our ranks have always been synced across the server, forums and until a couple of year ago Vent. In order to keep people engaged we will be splitting this up, the forums will have their own ranking system based on the amount of posts you make, and each “realm” or “game-mode” in-game will have it’s own ranking system.

What do I mean by “realm” or “game-mode”?

I’m essentially talking about each of the game types that we offer (and their respective worlds). So survival (including the frontier, nethers, and end) are one realm or survival game mode. Creative would be another, Hunger Games (along with any future games we add, known as Arcade) would also be another one.

Survival ranks

This is where I really want your input, the plan is instead of people being promoted to builder, they have the choice as to which Rank Class they want to progress on, each of these classes has a sub-set of ranks that can be achieved by progressing through that class. Similar to mcMMO you would then achieve various perks depending on your class, for example faster mining, giving more damage when fighting, and so on. The higher your rank in that class the better these perks would be, again similar to mcMMO.

The thing is, I have no clear idea as to what any of these classes, ranks and perks should be, so I need as many people as possible to contribute to the discussion and provide your ideas in comments.

For clarification when I say class, I want to emphasize that I’m using that as a name, so don’t assume that means there will be other features or limitations tagged onto that. So there are no plans to limit which items a class can use, play with people’s skins, etc, it’s just what you see here, so don’t worry about that.

Creative ranks

This would essentially work the same as survival but without the classes, you create things, then someone comes and judges them (likely a staff member or someone who has achieved a higher rank). A judge can award points (say out of 5) and once you have earned enough points (by building nice things) you can progress to the next rank, gaining more and larger plots. The end goal could be to progress to a New Eden style world (I’m talking about the New Eden world from Serenity).

Again need some input here as to what the ranks should be.

Arcade games (Hunger Games and whatever else we add)

Similar to creative but you achieve points by participating in games, again need some input here as to how this should work.

When could this all happen?

Firstly there are some technical changes that need be made to the server, those will be implemented over the coming months. In parallel to that and after a discussion has taken place and been finalised, a lot of development work will need to take place in order for this to happen, and it will probably be implemented in stages. If you want to help with development I would encourage you to head over to this thread (after you provide input here of course).

What will happen to existing Community Ranks?

No decision has been made around that yet, Architect and Senior wouldn't necessarily fit into the new proposed structure, but it is unlikely they would disappear altogether, they might just be integrated in a different way.

What will happen to mcMMO?

Not sure yet, it will most likely be removed, although that’s not to say any progress will be lost, we may give people a jump-start in their prefered class, but I can’t guarantee anything here, I feel a fresh start is the best way to go.


So that’s the plan in a nutshell, please provide as much feedback and thoughts as possible. To summarise the main questions that need answering are:

  • What should the survival classes, ranks, and perks look like?
  • What should the creative ranks look like?
  • What should the arcade ranks look like?

Thanks everyone

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I honestly can't wait for these changes. They sound awesome.

I can imagine the best way to do survival ranks, if I'm correctly understanding what you mean, would be having ranks which may be miners, gatherers, mayors, overseers (as opposed to low ranks such as monitor or moderator, maybe), possibly a rank for varied player skills like some ranks put together as two after they get the primary rank, then they can work on getting the secondary rank.

As with survival, maybe have separate ranks for certain themes like, buildings, towns, redstone, games(?), and similar things.

For the arcade world, maybe ranks like Fresh blood for lowest rank, then next rank possibly gripper (as a reference to the phrase 'getting to grips with things'), next maybe common (like common visitors to the arcade games), then possibly after more and more wins (assuming you must get a certain point to get closer to the next rank, though I understand it could be hard to put in, though you could have the winner given a certain item which they cannot throw,, away and collects them, the amount they have possibly gives an idea to their arcade rankings), the player gets ranks like soldier, warrior, undefeated, etc.

Again I must say, I'm expecting absolutely incredible things from this. Really making me feel moderately satisfied about what is to come on here and in my own personal life.


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Here is my vision, feel free to agree, disagree, and borrow elements of it to any extent.

Server-wide ranks = Owner, Admin, Moderator... Seniors could become part of a sort of "Council of Elders" - aka the people to look to if you are a n00b and need help, and could also get a perk such as having a subclass (at a certain, high, level you become eligible to have a second class that you can switch to at will [thx Lineage 2 for the idea]). Architects should be instantly propelled to the highest creative rank. Newer players should still become seniors (aka Council of Elders) but the Architect rank should be phased out and replaced with creative rank.

Various classes (2 lazy 2 think of specific ones). Maybe upon mastering your class you should get access to a "Guild Hall" of that class which contains equipment to use for creating custom gear more powerful than what you can make with normal minecraft stoof.

Four ranks (or more), with the first three unlocking increasingly larger plots, and the final rank requiring a display of very high building skill, and rewarding those who achieve it with access to a "New Eden" world and unlocking a flight perk in the Survival mode, as well as World Edit (in creative).

If I think of anything else I will update this post.

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Fnality wrote:
Here is my vision, feel free to agree, disagree, and borrow elements of it to any extent.
Various classes (2 lazy 2 think of specific ones). Maybe upon mastering your class you should get access to a "Guild Hall" of that class which contains equipment to use for creating custom gear more powerful than what you can make with normal minecraft stoof.


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So, I do like a lot of the ideas here and kind of incorporated the ones I like in to a sort of rough draft of what I like. Also, previously developing plug-ins (which surprisingly still work) I tried to make them dev-friendly

Survival Ranks
My initial problem with this was that there are so many things to do in minecraft, but many of us have a niche that we enjoy and/or that we excel in. So here are a few of the "classes" that I came up with.

  • Miner[/*]
  • Builder[/*]
  • Crafter[/*]
  • Hunter[/*]

Miner Class
This class could be for people that want mining perks.
Ranks within the class are pretty easy, corresponding to ores:

  • Coal[/*]
  • Iron[/*]
  • Gold[/*]
  • Diamond[/*]
  • Emerald[/*]

Add and subtract what you want.

Obviously higher ranks should receive perks in mining such as, mining speed, automatic fortune, lava resistance, etc.

Going up in ranks would be based off how many ore blocks you've mined.

I also like the idea of a Guild Hall, I want to say after you reach the Iron Rank you earn access to the guild, but not to all the rooms. At maybe Diamond or Emerald you would acheive the ability to build within the guild hall and access to a machine idea I had.

The machine would basically be a chipotle or subway for pickaxes. Pick what you want on it and pay the appropriate fee and receive the pick.

Builder Class
This would be for this that want Building perks

Ranks correspond to building materials

  • Wood[/*]
  • Stone[/*]
  • Glass[/*]
  • Brick[/*]
  • Obsidian[/*]

The idea for builders is to get better building perks. Underwater breathing, Flying, Auto Silk touch, etc

Going up in rank would be based off how many of the approved building materials you have placed.

The idea for this guild hall is to allow members access to it at Stone and above, and only Obsidian level to modify the guild itself. The perks they would have access to would be temporary building perks that they would have buy (mind you these are all paid for with in game items). Like fly for a day to get that tower built, or building supplies in bulk.

Crafter Class
This is a class for people who like using recipes to craft stuff.

Just threw ranks together for this one

  • Apprentice[/*]
  • Carpenter[/*]
  • Blacksmith[/*]
  • Jeweler[/*]
  • Master[/*]

Perks of being a crafter would probably be things like faster smelting, increased yield on basic supplies (torches, fence, etc)

Crafter ranks would be decided by how much stuff you've crafted/smelted.

The guild hall would obviously be accessed by Carpenter members, and modified by only Master Crafters. The perks you could obtain inside would be automatic crafting (I.e. throw items in to a chest and pick what it makes for you or the same thing with smelting) Just imagine putting large amounts of ore in and getting the bars immediately.

Hunters are those that prefer to fight

Ranks are loosely based on weapons

  • Club[/*]
  • Spear[/*]
  • Bow[/*]
  • Sword[/*]
  • Master[/*]

Perks of being a hunter would be things like additional damage, more xp earned, armor benefits.

Ranks would be based off of kills

The guild hall, accessed by Spear Hunters and modified by masters. The perks inside would be like the pickaxe machine mentioned earlier with swords and bows instead. And maybe an arrow dispensing machine.

I also like the idea of trusted members to help lead those that are new to the server. Having a couple types of ranks for that would probably be a good idea. Like a council of elders, trusted members, etc. That could be an additional tag that someone would earn by nomination like old times

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Hi everyone

Thanks for the great feedback thus far , much appreciated. I'm a few weeks I'll be collecting them together, so that still gives time for others to submit feedback.

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Looking great so far. Can't wait to see what else comes.


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EDIT: Added Skills/Abilities to the classes I suggested. Also added a 7th class for mining since I sort of forgot to cover that.

Only way I could think of decent rank trees is by using kits. I know a lot of servers have them, but they do seem to keep children playing on servers.
If it were going down the RPG route, I would personally suggest this:

For the starting rank, keep new players as Explorers. Same permissions as before.

--- Upon promotion, rank defaults to Builder with the option to change to the equivalent classes. So this would mean:

Default Class: Builder (No kit, just a simple builder). What I'm thinking here is that our current rank system including Mayor, Senior, Architect etc. could be used as secondary permissions. So people can still play as their preferred class but still can be granted the privilege of extra permissions. It would be good as well if players could change to whichever titles they've currently obtained, so players can enjoy the freedom being whatever suits them best at the time.

All classes listed below will have the Builder permission by default. These classes basically increase the different types of items you get from said kits, e.g. a Mercenary could get a sword with some goodies, Soldier could get a better Sword and some Armor to go along with everything else.

Class 1: - Mercenary (Tree for swords and other PvP things. Can implement 1.9 stuff here.)
Promotes to:
- Soldier
- Cavalier
- Paladin
- Hero (Master Class Title)

- Temporary absorption from attacks (the effect from golden apples, basically)
- Increased defence in general
- Increased durability of swords (and shields in 1.9)

Class 2: - Wood Cutter (Tree for Axes and some PvP things, or wood supplies)
Promotes to:
- Lumberjack
- Journeyman
- Warrior
- Berserker (Master Class Title)

- Temporary high increase in strength
- Faster or instant tree-felling abilities (sort of like the skill in McMMO)
- Increased durability of axes

Class 3: - Charmer (Tree for Potions & mob drops, higher tiers use Lingering potions from 1.9?)
Promotes to:
- Occultist
- Conjurer
- Alchemist
- Necromancer (Master Class Title)

- Much faster potion brewing
- Some form of access to some of the effects not used in potions currently (like Wither, Haste, etc.)
- Cheaper enchants (if possible) and greater chance of getting better enchants on items in general

Class 4: - Archer (Tree for Bows and could also implement the new arrows in 1.9?)
Promotes to:
- Sniper
- Assassin
- Marksman
- Executioner (Master Class Title)

- Temporary Invisibility
- Temporary (or permanent) swiftness/speed boost
- Increased durability of bows

Class 5: - Steward (Tree for people who love to cook.) (Maybe better to merge with Class 6)
Promotes to:
- Butcher
- Roundsman
- Sous-Chef
- Master Chef (Master Class Title)

- Faster furnace cooking times
- Increase loot drops from mobs
- Access to spawn eggs for some friendly mobs (with a big cooldown time)

Class 6: - Gardener (Tree for those who love to farm) (Maybe better to merge with Class 5)
Promotes to:
- Farmer
- Harvester
- Cultivator
- Botanist (Master Class Title)

- An ability to grow crops instantly
- Higher drops from harvesting crops
- Increased durability of hoes

Class 7: - Digger (Tree for those who love to dig and explore)
Promotes to:
- Miner
- Excavator
- Prospector
- Terraformer

- Temporary Haste and auto-smelting abilities for mining.
- Better fortune effects for ores
- Increased durability for pickaxes and shovels

Regarding HOW to promote them... I'm not sure. Time-based ranks would be kind of dull, so I would possibly make a suggestion to use an in-game currency system to rank up? I know it's a 50/50 topic that has been discussed since Serenity, but I do think using a currency system would mean players have the option to trade, create their own shops/markets, make bets, promote, purchase perks/skills (the latter which has been done already, if only in a minor form) and whatever else. Plus from what I've seen on servers that I have been looking through, this system is quite successful.

This could also work with some form of claim plugin... not that I'm suggesting we could implement something a bit more physical to prevent people's claims and lovely builds getting griefed whilst they're gone... *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink*


Definitely not sure about Creative ranks... however I agree with Fnality's ideas here:

Fnality wrote:
Four ranks (or more), with the first three unlocking increasingly larger plots, and the final rank requiring a display of very high building skill, and rewarding those who achieve it with access to a "New Eden" world and unlocking a flight perk in the Survival mode, as well as World Edit (in creative).

I feel that we do need to bring an open world Creative World back for those that love to build big, magical, player-gathering things (that could possibly be put as screenshots on the ad pages we have). I do love the idea of getting players to build shiny things to have access to this open world, provided it's not like an "architect-exclusive" thing, and we're not so strict & critical on players when it comes to what we feel is good quality building. I could be being soft on the younger, less-talented members of the community, but meh.

Game Worlds

I don't really have any suggestions for this, however I guess it could be that higher ranks get access to better classes in certain game modes, provided we get more things than hunger games. :P

Anyways, these are my suggestions soooo have fun with that hehe.... :3