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The MMO Update

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Today we are excited to announce that we are introducing a range of new skills into the game, powered by the mcMMO Bukkit and Spigot plugin.

When you play the game you will automatically start levelling up your skills. Each time you perform an activity which relates to a skill you will gain xp for that skill, once enough xp is gained you will progress to the next level of that skill. Note that skill levels and xp are separate from Minecraft's vanilla system, so you can still enjoy the vanilla enchanting system.

Generally each skill has two types of abilities, active and passive. Passive Abilities are always active in the background, however Active Abilities need to be activated by you, for example some abilities are activated by right clicking while holding an item related to that skill. Active Abilities only last for a certain amount of time, and have a long cool-down, the more you level a specific skill the long the ability lasts for.

Each of the skills are below, you can get more information about each skill in-game by typing it's name as a command, e.g. /mining or /archery, or by clicking the links below.




There are also child skills which are build up automatically suing some of the above skills.


It s also possible to team up and work on skills with others, instead of me explaining how it works go here for a great description of the Party system.

Useful commands

/: shows information above a particular skill, replace with the name of a skill.

/mcstats: displays a score-board with your stats for each skill along with xp

/mctop: shows the top players with their xp

/ptp [name]: instantly teleport to someone in your party

/party: manage your party, detailed commands below:

  • /party: Check party information.[/*]
  • /party create
    : Create a party[/*]
  • /party join
    : Join a players party[/*]
  • /party invite
    : Invite a player to join your party[/*]
  • /party accept
    : Accept a party invite[/*]
  • /party password
    : Set a password for the party you currently own[/*]
  • /party kick
    : Kick a player from the party.[/*]
  • /party owner
    : Set a player as the party owner[/*]
  • /party expshare [none/equal]: Set the party share mode.[/*]
  • /party lock: Lock the party[/*]
  • /party unlock: Unlock the party[/*]
  • /party q: Quit the party you're currently in.[/*]
  • /party ?: More information about parties.[/*]

Final notes

Explorers don't have access to the MMO features, so explorers need to rank up to builder before they can start levelling.

You can't level in game worlds (e.g. Hunger Games) or creative worlds, only survival worlds.