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March Update Post - Rank Adjustments, We Need You, and Staff Changes

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It's that time again, time for another update post, although granted this one is pretty light.

Rank Adjustments for Senior, Architect and Elder

New Eden is now over 3 and a quarter years old, and as most of you may know it was initially started as the continuation of Serenity Games - one of the oldest Minecraft communities, started in 2010 as Exodus Server - and in a lot of ways we've grown from being just that "continuation" into out own community with our own identify and a very different rank system.

When New Eden started many of the members from Serenity were given the same ranks on New Eden, however New Eden has become its own community now and many of the people from Serenity haven't stayed active enough to really become part of the community now.

With the introduction of new ranks like Regular and Trusted, and with play time becoming more of a focus for rank requirements, it has become obvious that we now need to evaluated each member who has the Senior, Architect and Elder ranks to identify if they still qualify for their rank now based on their activity and play time, and figure out if one of the new ranks is a better fit.

As a result of this evaluation a large number of those who currently have the Senior, Architect and Elder ranks will be re-ranked to a rank that fits them better such as Member, Member+, Regular or Trusted.

I want to take the opportunity to stress that the majority of people who are having their rank adjusted are inactive and have very little actual play time nor have they really engaged with the community, so in reality most people won't notice any changes.

We will be contacting people directly who will be effected by these adjustments, so if you don't hear anything directly regarding your rank over the next couple of weeks you can assume you won't be effected.  A good rule of thumb is if you have achieved your rank by either having enough play time or it was approved by nomination then you will not be effected.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact myself or cj.

We need you!

Ok that did sound a bit cheesy but we need people to help us in any of the following roles:

  • Graphic Designer: We are looking for people who enjoy graphic design and want to help us put together some graphics for the website (such as background images) or create nice looking information/sign board graphics for in-game
  • Map Builder: We are looking for people who are good at building and have some free time to help work on building the Spawn City
  • Resource Pack Maintainer: We are looking for someone who has experience with Minecraft Resource and Data Packs or is willing to learn to help maintain the Server Resource Pack

If any of the above areas sound like something you would be interested in then please do get in touch with me directly.z

Staff Changes

We have had two recent changes to the staff, the first is that Sayu decided to setup down from his role.  This was mainly a personal decision he took and you can read more about his reasoning in a post he made to the Community.

Click here to read Sayu's post

In the last few days Jewitt took the decision to step down from his position as an Administrator.  This was a decision he made as he decided he no longer has enough time to commit to New Eden at the moment, hopefully we will see him return in the future once he has more time.

Both Jewitt and Sayu have been given the Elder rank as a thank you for their dedication and contributions to New Eden, I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we will miss them both and hope to see them again in the future.

Other Minor Changes and Updates

  • The Jump Pads Hologram was moved up slightly in the Hub
  • It's that time of year where people tend to get more busy outside of New Eden (e.g. with exams coming up) and so things may be a little slower in terms of changes and new features until the summer.  For me I may not be around as much over the next few months due to my main job increasing in hours for several months along with some traveling I'll be doing.

Well that's it for March, remember please do get in touch if you can help in any of the areas described in the "We need you!" section.