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Hunger Games!

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Hunger Games is now live! To play type "/warp hg" or "/warp hungergames" to enter the lobby.

The game is fully automated, powered by a plugin that I have been working on for about the last month and a half. So f there are any issues or bugs then please report them, or if you have any suggestions then please let me know. Currently there is just one map, although we will be expanding and adding more maps to choose from.

If you have an idea or want to report a bug, then post an issue in the issue queue on GitHub: https://github.com/NewEdenMC/GamesManager/issues

For updates and change logs go here: https://github.com/NewEdenMC/GamesManager/commits/master

Have fun,

Recent fixes/changes (before project was pushed to GitHub):

  • 14/2/15: Trapped chests are now populated with items, fixing the issue where a few chests were never populated[/*]
  • 14/2/15: Players can now eat and use potions when frozen[/*]
  • Inventories are cleared properly at the start of each game, preventing items from the last game showing up[/*]
  • Flint and steal can't be used[/*]
  • Deathmatch *should* continue properly after someone is killed in it[/*]