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The New Eden website and forums are now in an archived state. Our community is now only on Discord.

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Friday the 13th Update - New Eden Hub, Disguise Pack, Refer a Friend, and more!

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Its time once again for another update, and this time it's a spooky Friday the 13th Update!  Although I suppose the only spooky part is that it's actually Sunday the 15th!

Anyway enough scariness, let's get into what's being what's coming in this update!

Announcing the New Eden Hub

Photo of the New Eden Hub taken from the spawn point looking towards the castle frontThis is a project that has been in development for around 2 and a half years and planned since almost the start of New Eden, progress has been slow at times but I'm very exited to announce that The Hub is now at a point where we are ready to release it!

The Hub will be the central point in New Eden, a neutral zone outside of all other realms and game types.  It's where everyone will spawn when they join and will allow easy access to the Main Menu through a giant portal.

This has been one of our biggest and longest community projects, the initial experimental designs started being built in March 2015 and since then 17 people from across our community have contributed.

While we are really happy that we've managed to build and design something like this from scratch we still have plans for the future including Parkour Courses, and we'd like to invite anyone who wants to help to contribute to the project.

The Hub will be released this coming week, once it's released it will be the default server so when you login instead of logging into the Survival Realm you will always login to The Hub.

For more information about The Hub, how it was built, who was involved and how to get involved in the project, and an image gallery go to The Hub Guide Page.

Disguise Yourself in the Survival Realm!

A player as they normally appear
A player disguised as a baby blue sheep

A new addition to the Online Store is the Disguise Pack for the Survival Realm!

This new addition to the Survival Realm let's you disguise yourself from other players as another entity such as a Sheep, Pig, Falling Block, and more!  The following entities can be used as disguises:

  • A Mob: such as a Sheep, Cow, Chicken, Zombie, Creeper, etc
  • Minecart
  • Item: such as Stone, Grass, Dirt, etc
  • Falling Block: such as Sand, Gravel, etc
  • Ender Crystal
  • Boat
  • Armour Stand

For more information take a look at the Disguising Yourself Guide Page, this new feature is available to purchase for a one-off fee in the Online Store or as part of the Monthly Donor Pack (all existing Monthly Donors will receive this feature).

Refer a friend, Get a reward

We have introduced a new Refer a Friend program, if you refer someone and they start playing on New Eden you can receive a small reward of something that you want.

The following restrictions apply:

  • The person you refer has to be active
  • You both have to be online at the same time
  • The reward can be something small you want, for example 10 Perks Credits, a diamond pick, a stack of dirt, etc
  • For the avoidance of doubt and just to be clear, they have to be an actual person, you can't just use a second account
  • Only applies to people who were referred on or after 23 September 2017, so if someone you referred joined before that date you don't get a reward
  • If anyone who receives the rewards are found to be in violation of these rules the reward may be removed

The program is managed by Cj, so if you have any additional questions contact @cjbenator, or to receive a reward for referring someone contact a staff member.

Discord Changes

Several weeks ago we made a number of changes and tweaks to the Discord Server, I wanted to take this opportunity to summaries the changes, so here's a list:

  • Introducing the new Member role, anyone who is active and has registered on the website can get the role.  The Member role gives you access to more channels and more features (see below).  Currently the role is given manually but once we update to the new website this will be given automatically, if you don't have the role but you think you should have it speak to an admin or cj.
  • The Senior rank has been added to Discord, same colour as Member
  • The General Channel has been renamed to MC-Chat
  • The Random Channel has been split into two channels, both require the Member role to access:
    • #internet-of-shit (renamed): Everything from memes to the weirdest YouTube videos
    • #community-chat (new): Make friends, talk to people, share what you've been up to, don't spam but have fun
  • The Music Channel is now Member only
  • There's a new channel for Petitions (because the in-game petitions system is broken and no one can be bothered to fix it), read cj's pinned message before posting but essentially it works the same way, the Member role is required to access it.
  • The Events Channel has been absorbed by the Announcements Channel, event related info should now be posted here on the website and linked in the #announcements channel
  • You need to have the Member role to: change your nickname, use reactions, attach files, and use external emojis (aka emoji from other servers, but you also need Discord Nitro for that)
  • The members list on the left has been consolidated a little to make it look cleaner

Other recent changes

  • Added a /discord command in-game for quick access to the Invite Link and Guide Page
  • Due to an "administrative booboo" any home points you had set or play time you had accrued on the Creative Realm was delted, however this only applies to the Creative Realm so it won't be an issue for most people
  • New auto-announcements in-game for Build Off and Refer a Friend