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The New Eden website and forums are now in an archived state. Our community is now only on Discord.

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August Update - Death Crates, Changes to Ranks, and more!

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Well it's that time of the month again where we do another round up post, so let's get into it!

Death Crates


We have been beta testing a new feature called Death Crates.

When you die in the Survival Realm a "Death Crate" will appear where you died (a glowing Shulker with a nametag, with your items stored inside).  You can then go and collect your items and experience levels from the crate and once it's empty the crate will de-spawn.

This feature has been designed to prevent people accidentally picking up or stealing other's items when they die, then having to sort it out later or get staff involved.

The Crates have been designed to follow the same game rules that would normally apply to item drops, and they will automatically de-spawn after 5 minutes, and won't spawn if you burned to death.  Another key feature is only you can access your own Death Crate, meaning it's not possible for others to steal your items.

The feature is unique to New Eden and was developed by @ofcith with support from myself, so give him a cookie next time you see him in-game!

Staff changes

@cjbenator has re-joined the staff in the new role of Community Manager, this role is part of the Community Team and is responsible for managing events, the health of the community, community projects, social media, managing and training Moderators, and any community promotions.  We are very excited to have her back on the staff and she is already doing a fantastic job in her new role!

The role of Community Manager fits in between Moderator and Admin, and without going into to many specific details essentially any issues relating to the community or issues with Moderators that you would previously have come to an Admin for, you should now bring them to Cj.

In addition we are very excited to have @RoxykinsIII join us as our newest Moderator!  For those who weren't on Serenity, Roxy was a Moderator back on SerenityTekkit and she did a great job at keeping things in check and making sure everyone felt welcome.  She has been fitting in well with the community here on New Eden and we think she will make an excellent addition to the staff.

It's also worth noting that @sayukimaNS has for now decided to step down from the staff and leave New Eden.  He took this decision for personal reasons, and The Management intend to keep in touch with him from time to time.  Sayu contributed a lot to New Eden recently, we are sad to see him go but I want to publicly thank him for everything he has given to New Eden.

New Discord and Minecraft Integration

We have developed and implemented a new Discord Chat and Minecraft Chat integration, this new integration Minecraft Chat to Discord using Web Hooks instead of a Bot User, this means messages show in Discord using the Players name, as if they were talking in Discord, instead of appearing as one Bot User.

The new integration will use the player's head as their avatar in Discord and prefix their username with a "[MC]" tag, Discord will also add a BOT tag next to the username.

Note: There is currently a bug for the Discord Android App which causes issues with Minecraft Chat to all be grouped under one username, this is a known bug and we'll keep you updated on its status, but if you want to find out more or subscribe to it yourself, head over to https://trello.com/c/6ZZTEBJw

Rank Changes

We've made some changes to ranks recently, partly to shake things up a little but also because these changes mean the ranks better fit into the community.  The changes are:

  • For ranks which are abbreviated in-game we are now following proper linguistics and adding a dot (.) at the end of the abbreviation, for example S becomes S. and Mod becomes Mod.
  • Explorer has been re-named to Newcomer, in-game [New.]
  • Builder has been re-named to Member, in-game [Mem.]
  • Builder+ has been re-named to Member+, in-game [Mem.+]
  • The rank Elder has been added, this has the same permissions as Architect but is meant for people who have been in the community for a long time and are well respected, in-game [El.]  So far @BennyJW, @BennyJW (who has left the staff), @DarkN00b and @tjbenator have been given Elder
  • Those with monitor now have an orange asterisk (*) instead of a dot (.)

You can find out more information about ranks in the Ranks Guide Pages.

Changes to donors, nicknames and custom prefixes

It is now possible to use colour and formatting codes in nicknames, and in the future it may also be possible to use spaces.

We have removed the ability for people to change their prefix.  The main reason for this change is that we want ranks to be easier and clearer for people to understand, that is also why we have started using abbreviations for ranks in chat instead of just the first letter.

If you have a custom prefix, for now you will still have your prefix but when your looking for a change you'll need to request your prefix be reset.  Eventually we want to make it possible to customise the colour and formatting used for the brackets, but for now ask an Admin or Cj.

Also note that currently nicknames are not synced between the Survival and Creative Realms, you can use this to your advantage if you want, but soon they will be synced so keep that in mind.

The Monthly Donor rank has now also been changed to be a sub-rank, so like Monitor this means that in chat people will still appear with their main rank, but a new bold yellow dollar sign will appear after their name.

The Monthly Donor rank has always been a sort of side rank that didn't fit into our rank tree at any point, for example an Explorer could jump straight to Monthly Donor, and have the same rank as a Senior who became a Monthly Donor, so this change means that now even when someone is a Monthly Donor they still progress on the rank tree.

We're moving from a Promotions to Nominations system

Continuing on the theme of Rank changes, the "Promotions" forum is now the "Nominations and Promotions" forum.  It is now expected that people will nominate others as it was on Serenity and nominating yourself for a higher rank is now discouraged.

The application process has also changed to have interactive fields that you complete instead of requiring you to copy, paste and complete a template.

As with the previous system it will be up to other members of the community and staff to vote on nominations and provide their feedback, however for community nominations and promotions (Senior, Architect, Monitor and Elder), the Management Team is delegating the responsibility approving any nominations to the Community Manager (aka @cjbenator.  For the avoidance of doubt any Staff Promotions are still the responsibility of the Management Team.

Other general changes

  • We updated to Minecraft 1.12.1, not much to say, just some bug fixes
  • There is now an #events channel in Discord, this will be used to update about events along with the News and Events section on the website
  • The new Creative Realm was launched and is available to play on, the new Creative also includes the Build Off world and any Map Building project worlds.  The old Creative World will be accessible via Homes until the end of the month.
  • The first Build Off Event has been kicked off with a fabulous start!  We plan to run more Build Offs and Events so keep an eye on the #events channel in Discord as well as the News and Events section of the website.
  • Orebfuscation has been fixed, updating to 1.12 broke it, it should be working again!
  • Survival: Fixed an issue where when a container (e.g. chest) was broken if the amount of items was more than 64 none would drop
  • For now Survival Games and Racing have been removed, we plan to bring these back with even more games in the future, but for now some changes and re-development needs done to the system that runs our mini-games so once that's done we will re-launch the Arcade/Mini-Games side of New Eden
  • The old Survival and Creative Maps have now been released for download on The Timecapsule.