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The New Eden website and forums are now in an archived state. Our community is now only on Discord.

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All good things must come to an end...

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It's a saying you hear people say, and it couldn't be more true than on this day, as it is with regret that on behalf of the New Eden Management Team I am announcing that the New Eden Minecraft Server will be closing.  To be clear, just the Minecraft Server, not the community, keep reading.

The reality of the situation is that for months now the server has been very inactive, we get a few people who join and leave but the community is stagnant.  On top of that everyone - including myself - now have other priorities and in order to make New Eden work it needs a lot of dedication and time invested in it, something that unfortunately we just don't have now.  Additionally New Eden has always run a significant financial deficit and given the circumstances we can no longer justify continuing to run the Minecraft Server.

The New Eden Minecraft Server will remain online until the 31st of March, at which point it will be taken offline and archived.  In addition most (if not all) of the forums will be locked, the mc-help-suggestions Discord channel will be removed, the mc-chat Discord channel will be renamed (name TBD, but probably just general-chat), maps.neweden.co and our online store will be taken offline, and any active subscriptions through our online store will be terminated.

Again, to be clear the website and Discord server will still remain open and active, the New Eden community is not being closed, only the Minecraft server.

A little more background

I started playing Minecraft because a friend from college got me to join a community called SerentiyMC, and as most of you know Serenity was the predecessor to New Eden.

Coincidentally a couple of days ago was my 7 year anniversary of joining Serenity, and in that time I've seen the Minecraft landscape change and shift.  As a server it's never been harder than it is now to compete with the competition and attract players.  We started New Eden over 4 years ago after Serenity closed, our goal was to meet the new and evolving demand for even more immersive and unique Minecraft experiences.  With that goal in mind we tried to achieve it, but we never quite managed to keep up and fully break into this new market.  Don't get me wrong, we did try and we put a huge amount of collective time, effort and planning into New Eden, and I'm very proud of that.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to New Eden over the years, we never could have made it this far without all of the people who have volunteered their time and effort over those years.  I want to say a special thank you to @Fisk and @MLB43 who are the two additional founding members of New Eden, as without them New Eden would not have existed and would not have had such an exciting start.  I also want to thank @harryharry6, @Jewitt and @cjbenator all of whom have given a huge amount to New Eden as fellow Administrators and Managers.

I don't know yet what the future holds for New Eden, hopefully we will continue to stay strong as a community, who knows maybe one day in the distant future we may even revive our Minecraft Server, but for now on behalf of myself, Harry and cj, thank you and goodnight!

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That's beautiful lol

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It was fun while it lasted, thank you arron and all for keeping the server going till the end. :)

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Will we be able to download the last map? I'd like to keep it for the nostalgia. Of course I understand if not, that's a lot of bandwidth.