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March Update Post - Rank Adjustments, We Need You, and Staff Changes

It's that time again, time for another update post, although granted this one is pretty light.

Rank Adjustments for Senior, Architect and Elder

New Eden is now over 3 and a quarter years old, and as most of you may know it was initially started as the continuation of Serenity Games - one of the oldest Minecraft communities, started in 2010 as Exodus Server - and in a lot of ways we've grown from being just that "continuation" into out own community with our own identify and a very different rank system.

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February Update Post (Death Crates returns, rank changes, survey results, and more)

Feels like the right time to do another Update Post, so here's an overview of what's changed recently on New Eden since my last post.

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Pokemon Buildoff

I promise not the screw the pooch on this one. Bonus points if you make my favorite pokemon.. (I'm not telling you what it is)


Theme: Pokemon
Deadline: March 14th

FAQ ..

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StarWars Buildoff Winners

did i die?
did i get drafted into the military?
did i finally get married and give up Minecraft?
did i get a full time big girl job?
did i go full on Sleeping Beauty for the last month and a half?
did cj ditch us for World of Warcraft?

No, but that last one is half true (lol sry). However, I DID get a sick new keyboard if you all want to see. 

Here is a long overdue announcement of the winners of the Star Wars Buildoff.
Please don't hate me, I've had a lot of shit going on. I know I really dropped the ball on this one. Pity me. 

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New Ranks, new Staff, End Frontier, Survival updates, and much more!

With the New Year behind us and the cold air of January all around us (well some of us at least, some people have a lovely warm January, but that's not important, I'm not jealous...), I wanted to give a roundup of what's happened recently here on New Eden and what we're releasing this month.

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We need your help!!!!

Recently, there have been many updates on the server (Update post coming soon). These were mostly planned and now we want you to tell us what you want to see for the future of New Eden. Please take your time to fill in this quick form so that we can make the server better for you!



Link: https://goo.gl/forms/cf03dciiRy3cbZl43

Thank you!!

-Harry & Managers/Developers

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1st Buildoff of 2018

Sup. This movie came out like a month ago but ask me how much I care. I haven't been impressed in a while so someone help ya girl out. 

Theme: Star Wars
Deadline: January 20th

FAQ ..

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Hello everyone!

I'd like to begin the month of November with a cool buildoff rather than a seasonal one because let's be honest.. those are boring. A big thanks to 'Mobkiller0904' for suggesting it on the board at buildoff spawn! Go ahead and suggest one, your idea can be next!

And now a message from AaronMcH:
"Those who create an amazing MYTHICAL CREATURE, there is a slight chance that YOUR build can be used on the a future server project. For example, the New Eden spawn."

If you decide to go all out, let me know and i'll give you a bigger plot.

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Halloween Buildoff Results


Here's the winners of the Halloween buildoff! I hope you all had a spooky October. These photos obviously don't give the actual build justice, so I encourage everyone to go check them out!


1st Place
armadyl010  - "the weird house"


2nd Place
emmacoro  - Castle Nior


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Friday the 13th Update - New Eden Hub, Disguise Pack, Refer a Friend, and more!

Its time once again for another update, and this time it's a spooky Friday the 13th Update!  Although I suppose the only spooky part is that it's actually Sunday the 15th!

Anyway enough scariness, let's get into what's being what's coming in this update!


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