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Official Towns

What is an Official Town?

An official town is a town recognised by New Eden and receives the following perks:

  • The Mayor rank for town owners
  • A warp to their town /warp (or short name of more applicable)
  • A holographic display at the warp point (similar to the one at /spawn)
  • Inclusion in official town lists

Official Towns List:

There are currently no towns for New Eden

Land Ownership

A town can give land to residents to build on without fear of losing that land, ultimately regardless of who is occupying the land, the land still belongs to the town, and all rules regarding land ownership apply in the towns favour. Towns cannot however take or confiscate items from residence, doing so would violate these rules and the server rules, and the town must make reasonable efforts to contact players before removing any builds.

For avoidance of doubt, land claimed by a town is owned by the town, not any of it's mayors or representatives. This means that if a mayor resigns they are not automatically entitled to any claims on land, and any new mayors can decide what land they may occupy or use. Put simply, unless otherwise agreed with any new or existing mayors resigned mayors are treated the same as any other resident.

Towns Forum

The Towns Forum is the place where discussion threads for Official Towns are, it is also the forum where someone can apply for their town to be considered to become an Official Town.

To keep the forum clean there should only be one active thread per town. If a town thread becomes too long or the town wants to start fresh, contact an Administrator who may decide that a town does indeed need a new thread and will set one up. Only Admins should create new Town Discussion threads.

Only official towns can use the Towns Forum for discussion, see the list of towns above for Official Towns. If you would like your town to be considered to be an Official Town, you may use the forum to post an application, however you must refer to the application section below.

Official Town Applications

For a town to be accepted as an Official Town, the following requirements must be met:

  • The town must have at last one mayor and one representative who can run the town in the event that the town mayor becomes inactive (note that this can be a co-mayor)
  • The town must have active residents
  • The town must have a town centre and a town spawn point where the town warp can be placed
  • The town must display information at the town centre about how land works and how someone can join the town
  • A town must have shared community facilities, for example a community farm or community chests.

To apply for your town to be considered as an official town post a new thread and use the template below:

Town name:
Town coordinates on survival map:
Town mayor(s):
Other official town representatives and their roles (e.g. sayukimaNS: Town Architect, if any:
How long has your town been running for?:
How many people regularly live in your town?:
What community facilities does your town have?:
Why should people consider living in your town?:
Screenshots of your town:

If a town application is accepted the town should use the application thread as the discussion thread, the title and application post may be modified however information that was provided in response to the application questions should be kept.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Towns should regularly update the information provided about their town in their thread.
  • If a mayor does not follow the guidelines set out above or acts in an irresponsible way, New Eden Management may remove a mayor from their position and can instruct a representative or co mayor to take over
  • If a town mayor becomes inactive and the town itself still has active residents and representatives, but no co-mayor to take over, New Eden Management may appoint a new mayor to run the town either until the mayor returns or indefinitely
  • New Eden Management may revoke a town's official status and thus all of the perks associated with that status, at any time, as long as a reason is given to the town mayors
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