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The New Eden website and forums are now in an archived state. Our community is now only on Discord.

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Resource Worlds

We maintain three worlds dedicated to resource gathering, these worlds are:

  • Frontier - generated using normal vanilla terrain this world is the perfect place to mine and gather many types of resources.
  • Frontier Nether - to prevent our main Nether world from becoming barren we provide a second nether world specifically for gathering resources.
  • Frontier The End - to provide a potentially unlimited supply of Chorus Plants, End Dungeons, Boats, Shulkers and other End features, additionally the main End Island where the Ender Dragon resides is not reachable so to allow for maximum End Farming.

These worlds are automatically reset on the 1st of every month at around 3am EST without warning, so it is not recommended to store any items in these worlds nor is it recommended to build anything you care about (e.g., a house).

Normal rules still apply in these worlds, including rules around greifing. Since there are no non-vanilla structures generated a good rule of thumb is to assume that if it looks man made it probably is, so don't touch.  This doesn't apply to mining through tunnels or next to other peoples tunnels.

How do I get there

When you are in the Survival Realm type /warp to see a list of Warps, you can then run /warp again followed by the name of the Warpp, the current Frontier Warps are:

  • /warp frontier
  • /warp frontier_nether
  • /warp frontier_the_end
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