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The New Eden website and forums are now in an archived state. Our community is now only on Discord.

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Resource Pack

New Eden now has a custom Resource Pack which enhances the experience of players in game.  The pack is maintained by @sayukimaNS and makes minimal changes to the game to create a more realistic experience.

You will be prompted to use the pack when you connect to the New Eden server and you do not need to download anything yourself.

Each time you connect to New Eden the pack will be used automatically!  Don't worry though it will only appear for New Eden and you can still experience the wonderful "Default Resource Pack" on other servers and single player.


The pack makes minor changes to the look of some Minecraft Ores.

Natural blocks (Grass, Sand, and Gravel), will have a blend into other blocks.

Granite, Diorite, and Andesite have been modified to match with Cobblestone/Stone Bricks. Cobblestone now has random variations.

Wooden Planks have been recoloured accordingly, and have random variations in the texture.

Log textures now have shading on both sides to stand out more. Birch logs now have random variations.

All items related to Iron have been recoloured to have a darker appearance, similar to how Cauldrons are.

Doors now have proper 3D models.

Rails now have proper 3D models.

Some other items have been remodeled as well.

Glazed Terracotta has been retextured to be more practical for building - primarily as roof/floor tiles.

Water has been modified to have a more realistic colour and appearance.

Enchanted books now have enchant-specific textures.

Optifine Required

Custom Skybox during the day.

Optifine Required

Custom Skybox during the night.

Optifine Required


Getting Optifine

As seen above some features of the pack require Optifine to be installed.

To install Optifine follow these instructions

  1. Close Minecraft
  2. Go to https://optifine.net/downloads
  3. Select the download link for your version of Minecraft
  4. When on the Adf.ly screen select "Skip this ad" in the top right corner, this button will appear once the counter reaches 0
  5. Click the blue text link in the middle of the page which will look like "Download OptiFine_1.XX_HD_X_XX.jar", ignore all of the adverts around it, they can be misleading
  6. Once the JAR file has downloaded, run it.  Note: you need to run it using Java, if it opens in a program like FileZila you need to locate the download (likely in your downloads folder) and open it using Java
  7. Once you have ran Optifine you should notice it has located your .minecraft folder, if not you can use the interface to locate your .minecraft folder
  8. Click Install
  9. Open Minecraft, you should see a new profile in the Profile Select list titled OptiFine, select that profile
  10. Click Play with the OptiFine profile selected and you should now be able to see the features of the pack that require OptiFine.
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