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The New Eden website and forums are now in an archived state. Our community is now only on Discord.

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The Hub

APhoto of the New Eden Hub taken from the spawn point looking towards the castle frontThe Hub is the central point in New Eden, a neutral zone outside of all other realms and game types.

When you join New Eden you will always join in the Hub, from there you can teleport to the Realm you would like to visit or explore the Hub.

When you enter The Hub you can use the yellow plates to jump forward, from there you can either enter the large portal in front of you or head to the left or right to explore The Hub.

Entering the portal will show the Main Menu, you can use this menu to teleport to other Realms.  You can also access the Main Menu by typing the command /menu from anywhere in New Eden.

The Hub also offers several places to explore including the Village, the Beach and the Asian Temple.  The whole area was built from scratch on-top of a floating island over the void.

History and Construction

The Hub was officially announced on 15 October 2017, but the idea and initial plans for The Hub were created as early as March 2015, only a few months after New Eden launched.  An empty world was setup and experimental designs for The Hub were created by @Aaron, @Fisk, @MLB43 and @Bella33456, however none were used and were later abandoned.

After Fisk and MLB stepped down from their positions as Administrators, Aaron continued leading the project.  The floating Hub Island was constructed from scratch by Aaron using WorldEdit, at first only the front part of the island was constructed where the Castle Front and Castle Lake are now, it wasn't until later that the rest of the island was added behind the Castle Front.

Due to the length of time the project took it is not definitively known who designed and built the Castle Front and Towers.  The village and surrounding areas were built in part by @sayukimaNS, @Trumpoline, @InvisibleGecko, Aaron, and @Eckarus who also designed and built the Asian Temple.

The Castle Front Pier was designed and built only a few months before the opening of the Hub by SayukimaNS, with contributions from Aaron, and the Ship being built by @_TechNick_ in the month before The Hub opened.

Additional and currently unknown contributions were made by @DinoCSmurf, @DtheGreyFox, @fmata, @harryharry6, @Jewitt, @Luna, @Luna, and @ShadowWolf13117.  In total there were contributions both big and small from 17 members making this project the longest and most collaborated on in the history of New Eden.

Technical Development

To make The Hub work as it does quite a bit of time was put into the technical development.  The Hub sits on a dedicated Minecraft server running code specifically written by Aaron for running The Hub.  As a result of this The Hub does not experience time or weather changes, has no mobs, prevents any kind of player damage, and more.

As mentioned earlier The Hub sits in its own Realm separate from Survival and Creative Realms, this means that none of the Perks available through the Perks system are available in The Hub.

Image Gallery

Image of the castle front and portal of The Hub taken from the spawn point.

Image of the Castle Lake looking out from the spawn point.

Image of the Infinity Waterfall at the edge of the Castle Lake.

Image from the top of the Castle looking out over the Castle Lake.

Image of the fountain in the centre of the Village

Image taken from the rail tracks looking out towards the Asian Temple.

Image of the courtyard area at the front of the Asian Temple.

Image of one of the houses in the Village with the Asian Temple in the background.

Image of the Village Lake taken in front of the beach.

Want to get involved in the project

The Hub Project is a continuously evolving community effort, in the future we plan to add more features including Parkour Courses.

If you'd like to get involved in building and creating more things for The Hub then do not hesitate to contact @Aaron.

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