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The New Eden website and forums are now in an archived state. Our community is now only on Discord.

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The New Eden Creative Realm offers players a place to play Minecraft in Creative Mode.  Players can get their own protected plots, build on them, expand their Plot by merging nearby Plots into a larger Plot, and get access to some limited WorldEdit commands through the Perks system.

The Creative Realm can be accessed using the main menu, type /menu in-game to access it.

Getting Started

To get started, you'll need to claim a plot for yourself. To do this, you can either type /plot auto to automatically select a random empty plot to claim, or you can type /plot claim whilst within an empty plot to claim that specific plot. If you wish to know if a plot has been previously claimed,

You can see information about your plot by using the command /plot info, including its ID, biome, those who have access to it and more. 

Note: It is not possible to claim a plot that another player is already building on, even if their plot is currently blank. 

Player Access to Plots

By default, other players can walk or fly into your claimed plot. However, they do not have the ability to place, break or use blocks & items within your plot. If you wish to let another player build within your plot, type /plot trust <username>. This does allow a player to build on the plot, so please use this command wisely to avoid any unnecessary accidents. If wish to remove a player's access to your plot, simply type /plot untrust <username>.**

**Remember: Moderators have permanent access to every plot for the sake of peacekeeping and stopping any builds that are potentially slowing down the server. Whoever you allow to build on your plot is your responsibility. We will not be held liable if a player smashes up your stuff when you gave them access to it.

Deleting and Clearing Your Claimed Plot

If for example you decide that you no longer want a particular plot, you can remove your claim to it. To do this, you need to stand inside the plot and type /plotme delete, this will remove you from that plot and empty it.

If you just want to clear the plot and delete everything on it but still want to own the plot, stand inside the plot and type /plot clear to remove everything from that specific plot.

Changing the Biome of Your Claimed Plot

It is possible to change the biome of your plot to any of the current biomes in Minecraft. To do so, stand inside the plot and type /plot biome <biome name>.

Note: this feature is a premium feature and can be purchased through our Online Store either for a one time fee or as part of our subscription package

All possible nametags of the biomes you can input into the /plot biome command are listed below. This list can also be found on the server by typing in /plot biome:

Ocean   Plains   Desert   Extreme_Hills   Forest   Taiga   Swampland   River   Hell   Sky  Frozen_Ocean   Frozen_River   Ice_Flats   Ice_Mountains   Mushroom_Island   Mushroom_Island_Shore   Beaches   Desert_Hills   Forest_Hills   Taiga_Hills   Smaller_Extreme_Hills   Jungle   Jungle_Hills   Jungle_Edge   Deep_Ocean   Stone_Beach   Cold_Beach   Birch_Forest   Birch_Forest_Hills   Roofed_Forest   Taiga_Cold   Taiga_Cold_Hills   Redwood_Taiga   Redwood_Taiga_Hills   Extreme_Hills_With_Trees   Savanna   Savanna_Rock   Mesa   Mesa_Rock   Mesa_Clear_Rock   Void   Mutated_Plains   Mutated_Desert   Mutated_Extreme_Hills   Mutated_Forest   Mutated_Taiga   Mutated_Swampland   Mutated_Ice_Flats   Mutated_Jungle   Mutated_Jungle_Edge   Mutated_Birch_Forest   Mutated_Birch_Forest_Hills   Mutated_Roofed_Forest   Mutated_Taiga_Cold   Mutated_Redwood_Taiga   Mutated_Redwood_Taiga_Hills   Mutated_Extreme_Hills_With_Trees   Mutated_Savanna   Mutated_Savanna_Rock   Mutated_Mesa   Mutated_Mesa_Rock   Mutated_Mesa_Clear_Rock

Acquiring Multiple Plots

The amount of Plots you can claim depends on the rank you have:

  • Newcomers can claim 1 Plot
  • Members can claim up to 3 Plots
  • Member+ can claim up to 5 Plots
  • Seniors can claim up to 10 Plots
  • Architects, Elders and Staff can up to 20 Plots

You can claim additional Plots by typing /plot auto and you will be allocated an additional Plot, or by finding an unclaimed plot and typing /plot claim to claim it.

Teleporting Between Plots

In some circumstances you may find that you can't remember where one of your plots are. Not to worry! If you type /plot home <number> (e.g. /plot home 1 or /plot home 2 depending on how many plots you have claimed), you will be able to teleport to the specific plot.

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