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It's been a little while

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Hello everyone!

So this is probably gonna be a little different, and I don't know how active this server is based on the forum activity, but I thought I'd introduce myself!


I used to play on SerenityMC religiously, as Majorbob10 (I changed it recently to The_Biggest_Yak), and spent a hell of a lot of time in creative mode in the New Eden world there, building "Notho," a dam city, and earning the rank of Architect there. And then high school started wrapping up and then college happened and somewhere along the lines I guess Serenity transitioned elsewhere, and I just kind of gave up and decided to let it fade into memory.


Until today, feeling nostalgic, I did some digging and found this! I don't know how many of the crew from back then are still around (aside from Aaron and CJ, if they are), but I just wanted to say it's FANTASTIC to finally be back!


TL;DR hello it me I was here and then I wasn't but now I am back hello new friends :D

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