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So it is very clear that people on the server are getting fairly bored, or some wanting more people to join, with a few exceptions. however lately i have also been very bored and found the reasons why:

1. Basically have everything on the server, nothing i can explore or build with pure motivation.

2. Community is less on the server (not a lot of people on the server)

3. Vanilla gets very repetitive.

So i have a couple action that we can take but some are fairly tedious and some people may 100% disagree. My first action would be to reset all world on New Eden, this is including overworld, nether, frontier, end. A fresh start with no item carry over. My second action would to move over to a modded server ( this is very personal, but i had a lot more to do on serenity tekkit and serenity ftb). This may take a lot more time, but i think the time would be worth it.

I would also like to get other people's opinion and thought about New Eden in general, what you like and dislike, what you want or don't want etc. and maybe you have your own "actions" that you would like to take.



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I can see where you're coming from, and kinda agree with some of it, and not so much with other bits. I personally have never been at a point where I've had everything - mainly because I'm always using it up on crazy huge projects that are never ending... But for me, the biggest problem I have on the server (and the main reason I get bored sometimes) is a lack of other people to talk to. It used to be always a handful of people online at least - but nowadays, I find myself alone on the server for hours at a time. More people = more fun.

While it would be nice to get some Modded Minecraft on the go, I would hate for it to become the only option. Personally, I prefer vanilla Minecraft (that, and my current computer can't handle either Tekkit or FTB or any of that). So how about this - rather than wiping the server, and going Modded-only, instead just set up a new additional world - either Tekkit or FTB or whatever people want - that way Vanilla people still get to play Vanilla, and Modded people get to play Modded.

(Also I'd hate for the world to be wiped mid-way through my road-building project - so much woodcutting time went into that road!)

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I've been unable to play on the server a lot recently, for a number ofor reasons. One reason was because I literally have almost everything I'd ever need and whenever I come online, I'd set off mining and come back with more stuff which I wouldn't end up using. I do hate my home but it would be too much of a faff to build my preferred home. I also have less time to come online anyway, due to more efforts going into getting a healthy lifestyle. I believe many other members of this server may also be doing that same thing which may be one reason to the lack of them. Some may even be doing exam years, GCSE/A Level or the equivalent in their country. 


I would love to play on a Pixelmon New Eden, that'doesn't be great fun but it may be a less popular server to some. Though it doesn't really require a ton more computer power than vanilla (Just saying that as it doesn't seem to take up much more of my laptop's power, though it doesn't stop every now and then but still runs at a decent 20 fps). It might be good to get a modded server up anyway but may need to find more staff depending. Plus might need more funding to come through..? Or I might be talking shit there. 


Anyways, even though I really would love for the overworld to be reset, I'm not sure it would help. Some people may be upset that there hard earned stuff is gone. Could be an idea to try and get a vote going, but obviously need more input beforehand.