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Slendy911 for Senior

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I do agree that Slendy would be a great candidate for Senior; though I do believe that it might need to wait a few weeks or month at least as he has been inactive for a long time. Though I will say that when I saw him online; the majority of the time he had been helping new players get started. He is a very friendly, well behaved, mature and polite player and will happily listen to anyone who wants to talk. 

From what I've said,  I think the main thing to be taken is that I do believe it should wait a couple of weeks or a month or two to be more active due to a long time of inactivity. 


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I totally agree with the application. The player has a mature attitude in-game, has been with us since the end of 2014/start of 2015 (regardless of a slightly long break before coming back, it's something I think we've all done to be fair), hasn't caused trouble, and has committed to making some new Egyptian-like builds on our server which I'll be looking forward to seeing upon completion.

Generally one of the better players on the server, so Jewitt agrees on Slendy911's promotion to Senior.

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Hi guys, seeing as I'm down as a referee, I'm more than happy to give my opinion on this subject.

All the time I have been on the server with Slendy, I have noticed that he is definitely one of the more mature and sensible players that I have met within the community. I  see Slendy as a well respected and likeable person, and respects other people just as much in return, he always has a positive attitude, and gets along with everyone else on the server. In my opinion, these are the qualities that make someone a great candidate for this promotion, and I think Slendy is one of those who deserves to be recognized for being a great member of the community.


So yes, I completely back this application, and I like seeing that the others also would recommend this promotion too.

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