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I made us a Tekkit server :D

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Hey there, everyone. Me and Aaron have kinda been talking about Tekkit/FTB and the old days of Serenity. You may have seen it in my "Will there ever be a Tekkit/FTB server?" thread. Well, I decided "Hey, How about I contribute and set up a Tekkit server for the best freakin' Minecraft community I know?" and guess what?

Well, A friend of mine gave me a Debian VPS, with 2 CPUs, 4GB RAM, and a 200 GB hard drive. It's running Tekkit Lite. I'll explain why I chose Lite in a bit, but if you want to play some good ol' fashioned Tekkit, the IP is

Here's some things I want to point out before you go thinking it's not ready yet.

It is INDEED not ready yet.

There's a lot of things I need to set up. Like, I want to try to recreate the experience of SerenityTekkit as I remember it - with a frontier world, survival world, a creative world, and an awesome-looking spawn.

However, this will take time and help to set up. Remember, I'm just a standard player. I don't know much about how the staff set their server up, so there's a lot of guessing going on to get it right.

It may be laggy.

I understand, it may get laggy when 10 or 20 people start playing at once. It's not a super-server, and you gotta remember. I got this for free off a friend. However, if you want to help me pay for a more powerful server, I'll set up a donation system. And you'll be helping New Eden too, as 10% of every donation will be donated to New Eden.

Here's why I chose Tekkit Lite

I was originally going to try Tekkit Legends, the newest release (thanks to Aaron for suggesting), as it has all the cool stuff from Tekkit Classic (energy condensors, etc), but I felt it needs updating. I couldn't get the server to start; and my client would crash after 5 minutes of playing in a single-player world.

I will eventually update to Legends, but in it's current state, I'd rather stick with Lite until it becomes more stable.

Anyways, I hope to see you there, I've got things to do though - Gotta get OreCorp set up so you guys can buy your basic ores right at spawn :P

Again, the IP is

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Michelle has been a tad quiet recently. 


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AlmightyWarPig wrote:

Michelle has been a tad quiet recently.