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Town name: Team Town
Town coordinates on survival map: -191 64 131
Town mayor(s):Couch_Serfer (a.k.a greggains)
Other official town representatives and their roles: Real_Life_master (a.k.a ep941): Town Architect
How long has your town been running for?: Two Months
How many people regularly live in your town?: 2 (looking for more)
What community facilities does your town have?: Church, Mansion, Spawn House, Mining network, Tunnel system with rail connecting all buildings, Greenhouse, Underground farms, Extra 2 room house, Above ground road network, Outdoor sheep farm, and still building strong (next is a motel)
Why should people consider living in your town?: It's a shared village, a free for all. Build and have fun. Be creative!
Screenshots of your town: Feel free to visit

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Hi thanks for your application, there is one issue that should bee addressed before the town can be considered an official town:

Town Application Rules wrote:
the town must display information at the town centre about how land works and how someone can join the town

Please post here once this has been addressed, thank you.