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Plotless Creative World

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There's no doubt about the fact that the current creative world is rather limited - at least that is what I, among others on the server, think. As stated in another thread, the plots are large enough for some redstone testing or small-to-medium-scale building, but not large enough to build anything truly grand or spectacular. My proposal is for another creative world to be created. This world would be locked from Explorer access, and should (obviously) be plotless.
"But Fnality, what about... *gulp* GRIEFERS?!"
Well, I believe a possible solution could be a plugin that allows players to set their own block/area protections (GriefPrevention? WorldGuard?). Alternatively, a hidden group could be made for builders that have achieved a certain amount of playtime, and only those "trusted" players would be given access. While the world could also simply be locked for all except Arcs, I am against this because I don't think it's very fair to make wannabe-Arcs have to prove their skills in the survival world. Yeah that requires more effort, but some people (like me >.>) hate gathering massive amounts of resources to build cool shit.

So... thoughts?

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Jewitt loves the idea of a plotless world. I can't really build anything shiny in creative currently because of the limited space. I understand plots work on servers with thousands of people to stop chaos, but we aren't one of those servers :P
I'd like to see a plotless world be made so that at least those who wish to build crazy awesome things can have the freedom to do so. Besides, we'll have more builds to show off on our server pages that way too. :)

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Yea, I want to build stuff without having a limit on how large my builds can be, I feel that having some sort of plotless creative world would be great

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I rike it!

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schim would go ham

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This is a good plan. I don't understand why we went from an unrestricted free world in Serenity to this stifling split setup.

I honestly would never have gotten Arc if I was stuck with a plot. We need free space to be able to make the grander things, because some of us aren't good at small builds. Plots are good for build-off type situations, but not general building.

Also, the fact that ced's giant castle just kinda sits in creative taking up the space of all those plots is sort of a slap in the face, almost as if to say "look at this thing you could have built, IF YOU HAD THE SPACE!"


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We've had plans for something like this for a while, but we want to do it right, which is why it hasn't been done yet.