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Creative Plot Expansion

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Hey guys,

I wanted to bring up the creative plots for a minute.

Let me start by saying I really like the plot thing going on in creative! It makes it so everyone can have their own place to build whatever they want, but prevents people from trolling each others things. I also like that it tells who owns which plot, so when you're flying around and see something really amazing, you can check and know who to give credit to. My only problem with them is that they're kind of limiting.

For building houses and towers and other structures, the plots are a great size. Not too much room on either side, but plenty of small scale things. But personally, I'm more of a pixel art kind of person. These tend to take up almost no room in some ways, but a ton in others. And for these, plots really are just way too small, especially once you start looking at more defined pictures to make.

Now, I don't think we should just make the plots bigger, because (1) I'm sure they were made as big as they are for a reason and (2) I still enjoy flying around seeing other peoples' stuff and that would just make it harder to find everything. But could we make a way for people to combine 2 of their plots? If I own 2 plots side-by-side, couldn't I combine them to make a longer, narrow plot? That would be great for me since then I would have plenty of room for pixel art work, and could just stack them close together to make multiples in the same 2 plots. Or if we wanted to up how many plots people could have to 4, then some could even get 4 plots all in a square and make one large on for a bigger build.

I don't know exactly what the logistics behind this sort of set up would be. If there was some way to modify the existing set up so that people are able to do this on their own, that would be ideal. But I suspect it would actually take admin intervention to help with that. Still, I don't think this request would pop up too often so if an admin could just make it happen, that would probably be fine.

tl;dr - Creative plots are too small. Can we combine multiple, adjacent plots to make larger ones?

Thanks for listening!

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Hi, Pixel Art is never something we considered with regards to plots, I agree for Pixel Art they are very limiting. My first thought was we could just make an area for Pixel Art, but the only problem is, and this problem would exist with combining plots, the system we use would still prevent people from building where the roads are/were, so a more "creative" solution may need to be found, I'll discuss with the other admins and see what we can come up with.

Thanks for brining it up,

Also moving this to the Suggestions and Complaints forum.