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New Eden.. without New Eden

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So.. As most of you know the name "New Eden" originates from serenity.
New Eden used to be a creative world with terrain where only Architects could build.

Now, we already have a creative plot world, Its usefull to test redstone stuff, try out banner designs, design small houses, but not much more than that.
So here is my suggestion/request, reinstate a New Eden - type of world, where people (starting from a certain rank) can work on large scale builds.

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I agree, the plots we have now are too small to do anything so they really restrict anyone wanting to make a large-scale build, so implementing another world might be a good idea. In that case we wouldn't have to fully remove the plot system in creative (maybe add in more space that isn't plots), because people can just go and build there if they want more room and terrain. I think the reason as to why the New Eden world on Serenity wasn't used as much is because creative had the huge amounts of space for big builds, but setting up this world could be nice for showcasing these bigger builds.

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I agree, and we have some plans for this, although as always there are 10 other things that need done. Maybe this thread could serve as a planning thread for this new world, as the terrain couldn't just be standard vanilla terrain, it has to be New Eden stye, so we would need a terrain generator that could generate that type of terrain, or use some funky features of the vanilla generator to generate the world.