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Solitary Tree Town Discussion

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This is the official discussion thread for members of Solitary Tree Town.
Any questions or concerns that you have can be answered on here by the Representatives or the town Mayor. This is also where we will post any updates about what is going on in the town.

Town Mayor/Representatives

  • Mayor: FamilyJorge7x
    Recruiter: NoobGamez
    Representatives: Spiffy0106, HCRodolfo

Current Projects

  • Spiffy's Castle
    Town Infrastructure Expansion


  • The town will be undergoing lots of infrastructure upgrades. If you want any land that is not currently in the Town area, contact us and we can arrange something to include you in the town.
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This use was a member of the Serenity Community

Application approved, you are now New Eden's first official town.

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I'm currently in the process of building roads linking together our server's towns to allow better town-to-town access, as well as to make it easier to get to towns from Spawn. Solitary Tree Town is currently the destination for one of these roads. Construction is underway, and progress is looking good, however I would just like to confirm with you that you are OK for me to proceed with linking your town to the road network, and to confirm how and where you would like the link adding? For reference, you can see in the Map my current progress with the road build, and where it currently is heading. Thanks in advance.