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The New Eden website and forums are now in an archived state. Our community is now only on Discord.

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Terms of Service


  1. Definitions
  2. Donations
  3. Content Licensing
  4. Termination and Suspension of Access
  5. Server Rules
  6. Miscellaneous


By connecting to our websites or logging in to our servers, you agree to abide by all Rules and follow directions from staff members, in addition to the terms below.


  • "Staff" are defined as users ranked as Moderators, Developer, Admins, SysOp, and Owner.
  • "Assets" includes all - or depending on the context - some of the following:
    • Our game servers
    • Our websites including neweden.co and any other sub-sites
    • New Eden staff or email accounts
    • The New Eden Forums
    • Any other New Eden affiliated online or offline asset or contact medium.
  • "Content" includes, but is not limited to: player datafiles, anything created or obtained while playing on New Eden servers such as:
    • player or container inventories)
    • images, such as screenshots
    • builds (block placements or manipulations)
    • anything at all (text, images, etc.) submitted to our assets.
    • your username and likeness (New Eden does not have access to nor does it make any claims on your Mojang/Minecraft password or account. This clause refers only to your username itself, and any skins or images or other depictions of yourself or your character made available to New Eden.)
  • "Derp" is defined as any user or person who shows complete ignorance in the area of life and/or computer usage.


New Eden is a free service and is open to anyone, donations are completely optional. However, in the event of a donation, New Eden agrees to impart perks - which may or may not be - based on the monetary amount provided by the player. By donating to New Eden, you agree to the Terms of Service and this action does not give you authority or power above the Terms of Service.

Content Licencing

All content, as defined above, may be retained, removed, or relocated at the discretion of the staff. By submitting content to our assets, you grant us perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sub-licensable rights to use, copy, modify, adapt, distribute, prepare derivative works of, perform, or publicly display that content. You also represent and warrant that you are the owner of or have the right to post your content, and that the submission or nature of your content does not infringe the rights of any third party. Any damages resulting from such infringements are exclusively the liability of the user who submitted said content. (Since we are not currently a legally recognized corporation, this includes content as individually submitted by any particular staff members).

These terms should not in any way be interpreted to imply a transfer of copyright or other intellectual rights from the creator of any content supplied to or created on our assets. However, our license (as described above) for your work does mean that we have the right to partially or fully move, delete, or change any content as it exists on our assets, at any time, and without warning or permission. Depending on the degree of changes made, you recognize that our actions may also result in a change in copyright ownership or intellectual property rights on the altered content as a result of sufficiently derivative alteration. We also have the right to deny you access to your content as it exists on our assets.

In the special case of "builds" in-game, we will typically provide Minecraft Schematic Files to the creator of the "build" upon request. Unreasonable requests (as determined by the staff) may not be honoured however. Examples of unreasonable requests might be requests for builds that are trivially small, that no longer exist, or that have been significantly altered by other builders so as to no longer be "your" builds.

Termination and Suspension of Access

Players found violating the Terms of Service may find their accounts or IP addresses restricted or eliminated from our assets.

In addition, staff retain the right to kick you, ban you, or block your access to our assets for any other reason as they see fit, without explanation or warning, based on clear evidence.

In particular, players found repeatedly spamming chat or asking questions incessantly which have already been answered comprehensively by server staff (and or official resources) may be banned without further warning.

While players may appeal their bans as a courtesy, staff retain the right to revoke any request for a ban appeal.

Server Rules

By joining any New Eden server or creating an account on any related asset, you agree to not behave in the following ways:

  • Disrespecting other members of the community.
  • Griefing, stealing, spamming, cheating, advertising or exploiting bugs.
  • Cause drama, or acting in any way that negatively impacts the experience of others.
  • Intentionally lagging the server.
  • Building on claimed land, or changing other players builds without permission.
  • Making the map look ugly; leaving half cut trees, cobble shacks etc.
  • Lying to staff to deceive them on important decisions.
  • Impersonating other players, or pretending to be staff.

These rules extend to behaviour within other communities. If you are unsure if something is allowed, ask a staff member. Do not assume.


Account Liability Agreement

You agree that you are liable for anything that happens on your own account. This means that any activity perpetrated by your own account will be regarded as your own actions and can, and will, be used as evidence for ban, kick and/or blocking from our assets and all related sites and services.

You agree to hold harmless our assets and staff, their heirs, legal representatives, and assigns, and all other persons acting under New Eden or staff's authority or those for whom they are acting, from any liability resulting from:

  • your usage of our assets or affiliated websites or other services.
  • any usage of content you have submitted or created as defined above, or any changes or modifications made thereto.


We retain the right to modify these terms at any time without warning.

You agree that these terms are binding upon you, legal representatives, and assigns, in perpetuity.

You also agree that you are not a derp.

The New Eden brand and assets are owned by Aaron McHale, The web address NewEden.co is registered to L6Hosting Limited, a private limited company registered in Scotland (company number: SC491023).