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The New Eden website and forums are now in an archived state. Our community is now only on Discord.

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About New Eden

New Eden is a new server founded as the continuation of one of the oldest Minecraft communities around. Play survival, creative, and soon many mini and PvP games, in a friendly and protected environment. Our staff are experienced and have many tools that ensure griefing is dealt with effectively and doesnt become a long term problem.

When you first join you start as an Explorer, then after playing and building for 12 hours you are promoted to Builder. Once at Builder you can work your way up to Senior and maybe even Architect. We have put some unique and useful features into New Eden, with many more to come. Just a few of these are detailed below:

  • Easily explore and play with friends: with the ability to set homes, teleport to them at any point, and teleport to your friends and other players using tpa, you will find playing with a group of friends is easier than ever.
  • In-game perks to enhance your experience: by voting for the server you will earn currency and over time you can use that currency to buy in-game perks, these include fly, speed, back, jump, thru, and more.
  • Protection against stealing: to prevent stealing when you place a chest, furnace, or any other container it will automatically lock to you, meaning that others wont be able to take things out of it. You can however add your friends to the protection to allow them to take and add items.
  • Block logging to prevent griefing: every block placed or destroyed is logged, including items put in and taken out of chest and other containers. This ensures that if someone griefs, a staff member can effectively undo their actions without effecting your hard work, restoring your creation to exactly how it was before being griefed.
  • A dedicated resource gathering world: we maintain a world for mining and resource gathering that gets reset regularly. This ensures that you will never be short of places to farm for trees, sand, ores, stone, or even dirt.
  • A lag free experience: we monitor and maintain our own dedicated servers with their own dedicated connections, this means that we can provide the highest quality of play experience.

Connect with play.neweden.co and get started today!